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VOS3000 features - most stable & secure version then all older version. Monthly rental, Installation & Keygen available. For demo contact us
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VOS3000 Features

VOS3000 version is available now, it has so many new features and it is most stable & secure version then all older version. Please contact us for demo or have more questions about it. We have hosted & Installation service both.

Below are the main features in VOS3000 version:-

    • Call Transfer Number Pool (Mapping/Routing Gateway)
    • Bind MySQL to when install
    • Solve Web server stop after upgrade and cannot start automatically problem
    • Remove “Callee Transfer Billing Mode” on Phone and Mapping Gateway
    • Remove “Allow Callee Transfer” on Routing Gateway
    • Add End Reason filter for CDR query
    • Add callee rewrite rule for Bind Number
    • Add Display Number for Bind Number and Active Phone Card
    • Add Display Caller ID by Callee Prefix
    • Add Create/Delete/Query Bind Number for Web Interface
    • Add Supplementary Service Settings for Web Interface
    • Add Audio Service Settings for Web Interface
    • Add Push DTMF for IVR Interface
    • Add Call Transfer (Stander/Enquiry/Instead)
    • Add External Interface for Callback and Direct Call
    • Add Precision for time and money prompt
    • Add Display Number for Phone Card Modify Cluster Synchronization
    • Add Dynamic Black List for No Answer
    • Add Protect Route Enhance External Interface
    • Add Minimum Consumption for Package
    • Add Email Sender Settings (VOS3000)
    • Add SIP Message Transmission
    • Add video frame rate and frame size transmission for SIP SDP
    • Add Fee Rate Time Replace
    • Add Ringing at the same time for Phone
    • Add SIP Call Forward signal support
    • Add System White List Add Dynamic Black List
    • Add Media Interrupt Detection for Callback and Direct Call
    • Add SIP Display Settings
    • Add RTP detection for IVR
    • Add Time on Progress Bar
    • Add Audio Codec SILK, Video Codec VP8
    • Add Remote-Party-ID screen Settings
    • Support Report Clean
    • Improve Database Update Method
    • Divide Web with Main Program
    • Support Control for Call Transfer on Phone when use Value added Service
    • Callback Support Choose Billing Account by Second Call(Connect/Unconnected)



For any further questions, please contact us at sales@vos3000.net or skype: amanazmi2. Thank you