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carrier-class capacity
  • VOS3000 uses advanced asynchronous message bus
  • Support 5,000 simultaneous calls with media proxy
  • Support millions of accounts, 20,000 online SIP accounts
High stability
  • Support gateway route backup, if some gateways are broken, business will not be influenced
  • Support lock broken gateway automatically to improve call completing rate
  • Routing based on load balance
Routing strategy
  • Routing according to LCR
  • Routing according to area priority
  • Routing according to gateway group
  • Routing according to preset proportion
  • Routing according to period
  • Routing balance automatically for the same priority
Powerful billing
  • Support real-time billing, prepaid and postpaid
  • Support 3 millon fee rates
  • Matching according to caller/callee prefix
  • Support section fee rate
  • Support bill precision 0.0000001
Real time monitor
  • Support real-time check softswitch status
  • Support real-time check online gateway and phone
  • Support real-time check current call
  • Support real-time check routing gateway quality
Easy to Manage
  • Support filter, sort feature, quick access to accurate data
  • Support Import, Export feature, which is convient for save and recovery data
  • Support multiple view, which makes operator can look through lots of information at one time
  • Support almost audio coding
  • Support H.261, H.263, H.264, VP8 etc video coding
  • Support fax: T38
  • Support DTMF: RFC2833, SIP INFO
  • Revenue report, Gateway bill report, Account balance report
  • Clearing account detail report, Clearing gateway detail report, Account clearing balance report
  • Mapping gateway report, Routing gateway report